Amber Beech KennelPrivate Lessons

We provide in-home private lessons, where the training is tailored to your individual needs. Private sessions are wonderful if you have specific goals or issues, or if you can’t commit to a scheduled course. We can fit YOUR busy  schedule! We also offer semi-private lessons if you and a few of your friends want your very own private training classes! These classes are also based on your schedule! We formed an alliance with Soozy Pooch. They are the best in the area to serve our dog community. This class is designed to take all that you have learned in your basic class (or puppy) and apply to real life situations!  Yes, your pup can sit in your living room, but can he sit on a busy street corner?  Does she need some help greeting strangers without leaving paw prints on their pants?  Need a little help loose leash walking? We also work on our manners in various stores around town, as Princeton is very dog friendly!  Yes, it is cold outside but your pups still need to get out and see the world!

Prerequisites = Puppy or Basic class