The hardest part of writing about Amber Beech is capturing the depth of affection and appreciation I feel towards everyone there.  It is difficult to convey how wonderful it is to see my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks start wagging their tails and cry to get out of the car when I pull into the kennel.  To them it’s paradise.  Amber Beech is a place where animals come first.  I know my dogs are given love and attention.  They are active and exercised to the point where it takes them a couple of days to recover from a long weekend with Carol and Denise.  It’s their equivalent of a 5-star hotel.  The canine Waldorf Astoria.
The peace of mind I have knowing not only are they safe and warm, but happy and active, is indeed priceless.  As a physician, I also worry about medical issues. When there have been questions about a medical problem while I was away, the staff at Amber Beech was on top of it every step of the way, even when I couldn’t be reached overseas.  They communicated with the veterinarian and made certain the best medical care was given.  Their care and concern is extraordinary.  Your pets become their family. Gamba and Keela still get excited to come home to their fluffy beds, but invariably, they’re just as excited to return to Amber Beech for their next vacation.  Trust your dogs and cats to Amber Beech –they’ll love you for it!

Dr. Alan Brackup

We have taken our dog Jake to Amber Beech Kennel since he was 14 weeks. He is now 10. In beginning, we tried other kennels and we quickly learned Amber Beech is the best place! We travel frequently and our dog spends a lot of time at the kennel. Very often they accommodate us on short notice.  He always receives the best care and we have complete “peace of mind” when away. Amber Beech (Denise and Carol)  loves my dog  as if it were their own.

John and Lisa Scarlata

We have boarded all of our dogs at Amber Beech kennels for twenty years. We could easily drive away knowing our beloved dogs were in good lovings hands staying at the farm. Five Stars.

The Pronzatos - Villa Nova, PA

Initially I had concerns about leaving my dog at a kennel, any kennel.  For years now I have been taking my best buddy to Amber Beech Farms and never have one single concern. The staff is wonderful and most accommodating. I travel without the worry of how my precious pooch is being cared for “at home”.  Nothing but rare reviews from me at AmberBeech. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Lohner - Radnor, PA